Publishers - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an Publisher?

First step is to sign up here and validate the confirmation email we send. A representative will review your website for appropriate content. The second step is to contact an account manager so we can understand how you intend to advertise our sponsors.

The main reasons for rejection include, but not limited to:

  • We were unable to contact the person via phone, Skype or email.
  • You are a network. We do not allow our offers to be brokered.
  • Based on the answers you provided, we have come to the conclusion that you would not be a suitable addition to our network at this time.
  • You provided inaccurate information in your application. These may include inaccurate phone number, address, site, or any other false information.
What is the fastest way to be approved?

World Leads is dedicated to attract only quality publishers to become part of our network. Fill out the form we provide at the time of registration, and please ensure that you include all the necessary pieces of information. One of our Account Manager will get back to within 72 hours.

For a quicker and more thorough selection process, please include the following when you sign up for a World Leads Network account:

  • Provide only complete, accurate and truthful information that truly represents you, your Affiliate activities and promotional methods.
  • Follow application instructions carefully, providing all the necessary information required.

You may also want to contact us via email directly to speed up the approval process.

Do you accept International Publishers?

Absolutely! World Leads believes in the power of international affiliates because they gives us a means to reach billions of customers in the shortest time possible. They are the lifeline of both CPA networks and publishers in the internet marketing industry. We have a high level of service, multilingual staff and 24/7 support waiting for International Publishers. Join today!

What types of websites do you accept? Are there any requirements?

We do not make very strict rules when it comes to the layout and niche of the website, but the publisher who wish to join and use targeted advertising for monetization purposes must adhere to our terms of service at all times, and under no circumstance should they violate them. It may result in termination of the contract between World Leads and Publisher.

Can I have multiple websites on your network?

Absolutely. As a matter of fact, we encourage publisher to setup multiple websites for better targeting and monetization. We also encourage them to reserve as many ad zones for every niche as possible. The different ad zones available can be adjusted to fit your demographic preferences and better match your ads to your website.

Does World Leads shave or scrub leads?

No, we do not. World Leads is completely dependent on an advertiser identifying when a lead or sale is valid.

When are Publishers paid?

Publishers are initially paid on a monthly NET 30 basis. For example, publishers generating revenue in January will receive their payments on February 30th. Once a publisher has started to generate traffic with us, they will gain experience points and reach new levels that will allocate more frequent payouts for people that continue working with us on a constant basis.

What promotion methods are allowed in an offer?

World Leads accepts all kinds of promotional methods but strictly prohibits incentivized marketing techniques. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards any fraudulent activity or application. Each offer we showcase on our network will clearly state the kind of promotional methods allowed. If you have a question regarding this, or you would like an offer that uses a promotional type not featured on our network, please contact your Account Manager right away. We will be happy to discuss your options further.

What kind of ads will be placed on my site?

We have many kinds of banner ads that Advertisers will provide you when you join their program. Current sizes include, but not limited to Leaderboard (768×90), Medium Rectangle (300×250), or Wide Skyscraper (160×600).

Does World Leads have a publisher referral program?

Yes. Publishers can refer other publishers and receive a 3% commission on their earnings for the first 12 months of their activity with us. The referred publisher must be new to World Leads.

If I need help, whom do I contact?

You will have a dedicated manager to contact 24/7. They will answer all your queries. If you do not have an accout yet or your question is not that urgent, you may consider contacting us via our form here. We will try and get back to you within 48 hours.

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