Publisher Overview

Publisher is a person or agency that seeks to promote an Advertisers’ business, product or service. World Leads offers a venue for such an exchange of capital for traffic. World Leads only takes offers from the best of Advertisers with the highest converting deals in the industry.

We pride ourselves in being over-protective of our members and we truly believe in the power of pure business ethics. Our Publishers have a chance to grow with us on a daily basis with many benefits and an innovative award-winning reward system. Above all else we will protect and insure your revenue is paid, on time, every time. No excuses.

We offer countless features, essential to the successful running of campaigns and effective managing of your Internet Marketing endeavours. To do this we equip you with the latest of technologies out there and the brightest of minds in the field. Our platforms backend is constantly being improved and maintained to ensure lighting fastest redirects, an easy to navigate and organised interface and great overall experience.

Simply put; you won’t find a better network than World leads to make money.

Reliable and Timely Payouts

We ALWAYS deliver payments on time without exceptions. Reliability and integrity are our core values, and this is why we think we need to respect and pay our publishers on time leaving no room for error or doubt.

Leveling System & Bonuses

World Leads provides publishers with an innovative leveling system that allows us to give you bonuses on a gradual basis as long as you drive traffic. The more traffic you drive, the more experience you will be given. You will be surprised to know how many incredible bonuses you may receive with our reward system!

International Offers

We have a handful of international offers. If you are looking to monetize on developing countries, this is the right place for you. We believe in the power of Internet Marketing, and we truly are ardent promoters of any country where Affiliate or CPA Marketing is known and promoted.

Industry Leading Payout Rates

World Leads only offers direct offers. These offers are beneficial for our Publishers because we can pay them the highest payout possible in this way. The deals our members can find in our CPA Network are deals that cannot be found anywhere else.

Payment Solutions

World Leads offers a wide variety of payment solutions for its publishers. Publishers driving consistent and quality traffic will make it easier for us to gather and process payments from advertisers. Our unique performance based ‘leveling’system enables you to request payments more regularly and unlock large performance bonuses too (FREE MONEY!)

You can check the current payment methods and payment frequency options below. We are planning to include many more payment methods as requested. If you don’t see the appropriate payment solution for you, please contact us here and we’ll do our best to add it for you.

Payment Frequency
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly
  • NET-10
  • NET-15
  • NET-30
Payment Methods
  • Wire Tansfer
  • Pay Pal

Proprietary Platform

We decided that the tracking software available in the industry just didn’t cut it. As we all know, load times and redirect speeds are extremely important to ROI. So, WorldLeads’ team of coding geeks built their own! Made by performance marketers for performance marketers. Our platform isn’t hosted on public servers, therefore cutting downtimes and increasing speeds. Massive click loss will be a thing of the past.

Innovative Tracking Features

With that said, we are constantly utilizing a large set of innovative features in our tracking platform. Publishers have access to detailed statistics, reports and advanced graphs showing how they are performing in the World Leads Network. This can contribute to better optimization of traffic and a much higher ROI.

Direct Offers

World Leads prides itself in working directly and up-close with Advertisers with no middle man utilized. In this way, we have the advantage to ensure and provide much higher average payouts compared to other CPA networks. We have a large number of exclusive offers that are unique to our CPA Network specifically. There is no other CPA network that provides such sophisticated services on the same level and to the same standards as World Leads do.

Ranking & Monthly Contests

It’s proven fact that competition is the fastest, surest way of improving yourself and reaching your goals. Driven on by the aim of conquering your targets and outperforming other publishers, you push harder, think smarter and achieve way, way higher.

With our unique in-house ranking system you can collect points, experience and levels though your daily performance. These points and levels have great advantages; higher payouts, earlier access to new/ private offers, payments more regularly and bragging rights at the top of the network’s leaderboard to name but a few!

We also host WorldLeads monthly competitions on certain offers with HUGE BONUSES. See where you rank, who’s ahead of you, then set about smashing past them up the table to bank - big bonuses!

Promotion Methods

Our unique promotional methods enable our Publishers to drive traffic to their site(s) a lot easier. Either you are an email marketer or just trying to cash in on your website through monetization practices, you can stay rest assured that World Leads has got the best of the best practices available for driving quality traffic and a steady stream of income to your business.

  • Social Media
  • Mobile
  • Display
  • Search
  • Email
  • A lot more...

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