Advertisers - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get setup?

We are fully aware of the ever-changing and differing needs of our advertisers. Therefore, we will do everything humanly possible to ensure a timely acceptance into our program. If you feel that World Leads might be a good fit for your activities, then sign up here. A representative of our company will get back to you within 48 hours to discuss your qualifications. From the moment we get the preliminaries out of the way, your own personal Account Manager will help you to get started.

Is there a fee to join as an advertiser?

There is absolutely no monthly or annual fee to join the World Leads CPA Network. You only pay for performance delivered and nothing else.

What markets or ‘niches’ can I advertise in?

The moment you are signed up and approved for World Leads CPA Network, you will have the chance to specify the market verticals that match your ads almost instantly. Besides the fact that we feature the most popular and lucrative niches in the industry, you will also have the chance to advertise in general advertising categories to reach a much broader audience. Specifying general keywords will also help you fine-tune your advertising campaign for much better results. World Leads will take all of your initial data as a starting point, and we will automatically optimize your future campaigns to improve your conversion rate, ROI and performance.

How is fraud prevented?

World Leads is committed to ensure quality leads every time. We have a professional compliance team in place for monitoring Affiliate activities. This team also ensures compliance with both our Publishers' specifications and our industry standards. World Leads is called "the big brother network" for exactly this reason. We are ardent promoters of fair play, and if fraud is identified, we deal with it hard and right away to solve the problem at hand for the benefit of the victim.

How are Affiliates chosen?

We, at World Leads, are proud of the top-tier network we have so far built up from the ground with Affiliates representing the very value we stand for in the industry. Affiliates are the star performers of CPA Networks worldwide, and we truly rely on them which warrants both respect and caution at the same time. The application process we have in place is designed to filter only those affiliates who truly deserve to be part of our network. What we do is get in contact with the potential affiliates within 72 hours of their registration and confirm both their identities and ambitions with regards to their affiliate activities. This sort of filter and follow-up technique enables us to get the bigger picture of the intentions of potential affiliates and determine their value to both World Leads and Publishers. With an acceptance rate of below of 15%, we only seek to work with the most suitable partners to promote your products or services.

How quickly can I stop a campaign with World Leads?

Basically, as soon as you notify your Account Manager that you no longer want to run your campaigns, deactivation will take place within a few business days.

What creatives do I need to make?

The creatives you need to make are based on the promotion method you specify in the beginning. Such creatives may be banners, email creatives, portal pages, landing pages or leads. We do offer creatives but only to a limited amount of partners.

What metrics should I specify to ensure a smooth kick-start of my campaign?

You, the Advertiser, must provide us with information related to the sort of creatives that worked for you in the past, what your key markets and target demographics are, and how much your budget is for each and every advertising campaign.

Where are my ads going to be placed?

We place your ads on publisher websites that are part of the World Leads Network. Your ads will be visible to a wide range of audiences across other network publishers and websites that share in the technologies we use.

What should I have in place in the way of tracking?

The first thing you want to do is enable your developers to put our pixel on your conversion page. You must also specify what page your visitors will be redirected to once a click-through has been made via an advertisement. You will also need to be able to track Affiliate Sub-IDs, which is a sample code to be placed at the end of your campaign URLs.

If I need help, whom do I contact?

You will have a dedicated manager to contact 24/7. They will answer all your queries. If you do not have an accout yet or your question is not that urgent, you may consider contacting us via our form here. We will try and get back to you within 48 hours.

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